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Here Lies the Truth 2

Here Lies the Truth 2

Here Lies the Truth 2 is a 25 min short film that tells the unique story of four individuals’ who are strangers to one another but not to the day-to-day nuances, we face in this world. Each dancer represents a different ethnic origin, social status and social challenge. HLTT is a community passion project that began in 2021. Its founder Brianna James and involved community participants created a short film in an effort to bring awareness to sexual assault and harassment . Since 2021, HLTT has developed into a movement that has opened the door to other healing conversations such as sexuality, alcoholism, ageism and more. The purpose of this project was to build community, initiate ambitious conversations, and find meaning in what is discovered to create change. ________________________________________________________ Special thank you to Arts & Culture City of Sacramento for choosing me as one of the Seeding Creativity Grantees. With this honor and high level of support, I got to reach and achieve dreams while helping to bring tools of healing to my community! - Brianna James ________________________________________________________ HLTT2 Film Credits Vaughn Johnson - Media & Production Lead, Videographer Brianna James - Here Lies the Truth 2 Creator, Founder, Visionary - Sexual Assault and Harassment Voice Actor Carmelita Gauthier - Sexual Assault and Harassment Voice Actor Ronnie L. Cobb - Project Creative Director - Ageism Voice Actor Faliceano Keith Turk - Ageism Dancer Angela Franklin-Wilkes - Alcoholism & Sobriety Dancer / Project Support & Volunteer Rebeca Espinal - Alcoholism & Sobriety Voice Actor Colton Cissney - LGBTQIA2s+ & Sexuality Dancer Sapphire Jones - LGBTQIA2s+ & Sexuality Dancer Melissa Muganzo - Lead Narrator

It's Brianna's mission to encourage and help others express themselves on topics and situations that feel and sound too grand to take on. This channel will showcase dance, spoken word, concept videos, film, and more! Stay tuned and subscribe!

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