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Brianna James sees performance as not only a profession but a lifelong passion that can be harnessed to make a meaningful difference. Brainstorming creative, new ideas with clients and collaborators, while using previous skill-based knowledge and professional experience to create a breathtaking performance. Brianna has a reputation for providing leading choreography for every client. This includes solo to group choreography for local schools, studios, churches and private organizations.


Brianna James has been a professional performer in the industry since 2000, and has amassed a diverse range of skills and techniques in the process. If you choose this service today, you’ll discover the difference quality coaching makes on your growth as a performer. As an artist like you, Brianna understands the experience and talent necessary to progress in the industry. Interested in this service? Schedule your first appointment today.


As a professional performer, Brianna James has garnered many years of experience. At a young age, this artist began viewing performance as a way to help others express their emotions, challenges, and adversities. To bring change to your community, get in touch to find out how choreography can help Sacramento develop as a leading habitat for equality, humanity, and education. Workshops can range from dance to interactive activities. Please see "About" page for listed examples. Get in touch today to learn more about workshop services.

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